July 31, 2012

Desk-Hutch Transformation

So here they are! The free roadside desk and 80s hutch. Now, I should have gotten a picture of the hutch before I started ripping into it, but in all the excitement, I forgot. :-) So let me give you a visual. The three upper areas were each divided up differently. There were slots for CDs and  dividers for folders, etc. I ripped all of that out along with the small drawer there used to be in the bottom middle area. I did not throw any of this out, as it may become a project down the road.

I cleaned both very well, but chose not to remove the handles on the drawer. The handles are very bulky, so it was easy to just tape them off. I started with the hutch. I had read an article regarding spray painting laminated furniture. Well, I didn't end up with the best results, so the spray paint became my primer. Now this worked quite well as a primer! I think if I had chosen a different spray paint, the outcome would have been better, BUT, this did allow for me to have identical finishes on the desk and hutch. So no harm, no fowl! The desk was quite easy to paint. I set it up on some blocks of wood to get it off the floor (with a drop cloth underneath), and started in! I did three light coats, as this gave me such a nice finish. I only needed to wait maybe an hour in between coats, but as this was done in my spare time, there was a day or two between coats 1 and 2. 

While the final coat was drying, I took the backer board from the hutch and used a granite looking contact paper to cover it. It was so easy and looks great! It just adds a bit of dimension and flair to the now matching set. Plus, it really sets off the items displayed.



I also painted the little chair we have setting there to match. The color is American Accents Canyon Black in a satin finish, by RustOleum, straight off the shelf at Menards. It all turned out lovely!


I tried to get a closer shot of the backer board here.
I was intimidated at first, then I realized, the desk was free, the hutch was $20, and I had the paint in the basement, so I wasn't going to be out much if this didn't turn out the way I was hoping. Lesson learned: don't be afraid to take chances! It's The Finishing Touches that make your house your home!

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