August 12, 2012

Back Entry Solution

My back entry gets used more than any other part of my house. With all the activities the kids are in, letting dogs out to potty, and me running from one job to the next, I'm surprised the door stays on the hinges. The door still works, but the shoes were an issue for a long time. They were always where they shouldn't the way! I went through several tries before finding the solution that works for us. Again, my house isn't large, but I am thankful I have a separate entry. This would work great even if you don't have a separate entry though.

Let's see...we tried the shoe racks in the closet. Messy, messy, messy. And of course, the kids needed shoes at the same time in the morning and someone usually couldn't find a shoe. The racks were there, but never stayed organized. I had stools in the entry as well, to sit and put your shoes on, of course. But these occasionally had shoes on (or under) them for lack of effort to put the shoes in the closet. I tried making my own entry table from an old headboard. Had a top shelf and a lower shelf. The lower shelf wasn't really large enough for some of the shoe sizes in my house, and seemed to just be a catch all for stuff. I'm not big on clutter, so this drove me nuts!

So I thought I should build myself a storage bench. My son and I talked about just how to approach this. And the plan was set. Then my daughter and I went shopping...dangerous! We found these great storage cubes! Since using an odd number is appealing, and there are three of us anyway, we picked out three cubes, in three different, but coordinating patterns. This serves a double purpose, as the bench would have. Everyone gets his/her own cube, and own place to sit. Considering there were only two stools before, we improved the seating situation as well. Now we just grab the shoes we want out of our cube, then sit on the cube to put them on!

entry way, organization

entry way, organization

This solves several problems: shoe storage, seating, decorating the entry, and ease of finding both shoes to the pair, all in one! AND, even though I enjoy a DIY project, I didn't have to build or upholster anything, and the cubes only cost $17 each! Probably cheaper than building the bench and a lot less work.

We love how the cubes have improved the function of the back entry. I'm not going to name names, but one of the cubes has many more shoes in it than the other two. But this solution means that Nick and I don't have dig through so many shoes to find ours! Oops, well, I still didn't name names! :)

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  1. I love these cubes. I have two of them from Target as well. They serve as storage but also extra seating when we need it when we have company.

    1. I love mine, too, Lisa. They are a great multi-functional piece. Thanks for the comment!


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