August 8, 2012

Flamelss Candles

I LOVE candles!! They add such a warm ambiance to a room. But sometimes, I want a candle in a location that isn't suited to have one. For example, my back entry. I would love to have candles there greeting those entering, but I also have sheers back there. When the door is opened and/or closed, the sheers move...and they are flammable. Therefore, the invention of flameless candles has been a God send! Now, these candles have come a LONG way. Do you remember what they were like when they first came out with them? The "flame" was a huge plastic piece at the top for all the world to see that it wasn't a flame. But flameless candles today are beautiful. And they even come with timers! They can also be quite costly. Especially if they are colored, decorated, etc. I came across a pack of 4 flameless candles on clearance at Shopko.


They were on clearance for $15.99! This was quite the find! They have timers, too! But they only came in one color, vanilla. Now, I like a vanilla candle as much as the next guy, but candles are great accent pieces that can add punches of color to a room. Then I thought, why don't I add some "flair" to these? So I did!


I went to the scrapbooking section at a local store and found these fun stickers for only $1.00! I thought that was a reasonable price for experimenting. The candle turned out really nice. I placed it in my living room. Since this round seemed successful, I thought I would try something else for my bedroom.



I already had these particular candles and they do not have a timer and are bit shorter than the set of 4 I had found. These stickers are raised (sorry it is so hard to see them in the picture). The center of the flowers actually has a small jewel. They are on the heavy side. This said, they don't stay as well as the flat stickers from my original attempt at this. But they do look really nice. I think if I used an additional adhesive they would stay better. But, then I may not be able to change them out. See, I figure this is a great way to add flair and be able to change them up with the season or your decor. I have purchased some ribbon and will be trying this out as well. The possibilities are endless! Candy canes for Christmas, spider stickers for Halloween, wheat sprigs for Thanksgiving, leaves for Autumn, glitter, spray paint, and the list goes on and on!!

Have you tried flameless candles? What do you think? Have you added your own flair? I would love to know!

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  1. LOVE IT!!! what an easy and inexpensive way to add your own touch. Keep up the awesome ideas!

    1. Thanks Alexis! Glad you enjoyed the post. And I will keep trying to bring useful ideas to all of you!


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