August 16, 2012

Headboard Alternative

Each time I would walk into my bedroom I would think, "I really need to do SOMETHING for a headboard. My bed just looked like it was hanging out on its own by the wall. It really looked unfinished. That bugged me. I have very little space for a headboard because there is a window next to where the bed is. There is no way I can have a headboard covering even an inch of the OCD would kick in. So had to come up with a solution. I decided on shelves!

I found these great "shelves" at Menards. Only $1.48 each. Not finished, but that was fine as I wanted to customize them to the room. I needed brackets. Found some at Menards as well. These cost more than the shelves but still reasonable. After getting home, I realized the "shelves" were actually boards for stairs. They are 48" long and 8" deep. Perfect for over the bed! I didn't do any sanding, as I wanted the character of the wood to shine through. I painted them in a light color (paint I had in the basement) to accent the room.

Now I had to figure out how to arrange them. With the help of my son, I decided to hang one all the way over to the left, butting up against the window, and one all the way over to the right, butting up into the corner, with 12 inches between them. The third was going to be centered above the others. But wait, nope, too close to the ceiling. Well, the wall to the right of the bed needed something, too. So the third shelf ended up being centered on the wall an equal distance between the other two shelves. LOVE it! Turned out great! This really finishes off the bed area. I placed pictures, candles, a lamp, and some books on the shelves. I still have an open spot, but haven't decided what to put there just yet. It will come to me.

Once the shelves were up, the bedding looked tired. So I found some new bedding to spruce up the room, which has inspired me to finally paint the walls. That comes next. I also found a small chest of drawers to put next to the bed to double as a night stand. Now talk about a find. The color was perfect and I got this thing for $40.00!!! Yes, $40.00! It was the last one at the store, on clearance, and they were having a special for 1/2 off of clearance. It was the display model so I didn't have to put it together! Bonus! I will blog and post pictures of the room after it is stay tuned!





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