August 29, 2012

Updated Kitchen and Bath Flooring

When I bought my little fixer-upper, the flooring in the kitchen and bath were, well, for lack of a better word, yucky. The two rooms flow together but had different flooring in them. The kitchen floor was really something from out of the 90s probably. Sheet laminate flooring in a white with the little tan squares. Nothing to sing about. And it was well loved, if you know what I mean. The bathroom flooring wasn't much better. Darker colors, blues, grays, and golds, with an embossed pattern. Probably the 90s as well. It was also very difficult to clean. Much more so than the kitchen flooring. Not good, especially for a bathroom.

When I decided to replace the carpeting in the other areas of the house (with laminate plank flooring), I came across this peel-n-stick tile, which is groutable, for an unbelievable price. So I snagged 5 or 6 boxes. Now this was May of 2011 when I picked this up. On Memorial Day 2012 (I can procrastinate), I woke up and the following thought popped in my head, "I should tile the kitchen and bathroom floors today." So I did! By myself, too. It really isn't difficult. I have used peel-n-stick in the past and have had great luck with it. I opted not to grout it, even though you can. I just thought it may make replacing it down the line easier, if I would need or want to.

First, decide how you want to lay the tiles. This is important. I have a very oddly shaped kitchen, so I just started in the corner behind the refrigerator. Just using a straight pattern, but not matching up seems. In a subway tile pattern I guess. In the past I have put them at a diagonal, but with the odd shape of my kitchen...well, it doesn't need any help looking goofy. I thought a diagonal pattern may be too much.

kitchen floor, bathroom floor, peel-n-stick tiles

kitchen floor, bathroom floor, peel-n-stick tiles
I have a little helper in the background.
I didn't tell anyone I was doing this, mostly because I just jumped out of bed and started without any prior planning, but boy were people surprised when they saw it! They love it and can't tell that it's peel-n-stick.

kitchen floor, bathroom floor, peel-n-stick tiles

The most difficult part for me was getting around the toilet. I suppose I could have lifted it, but I am not exactly plumbing savvy. If you are, you may want to go that route. I just took my time and used cardboard to make patterns when things got tough, so keep that in mind if you plan on tackling a project like this.

kitchen floor, bathroom floor, peel-n-stick tileskitchen floor, bathroom floor, peel-n-stick tiles

kitchen floor, bathroom floor, peel-n-stick tiles

kitchen floor, bathroom floor, peel-n-stick tiles
Had to take one last picture before laying the last tile

Now, my kitchen and bathroom floors look up-to-date and are so much easier to keep clean. I think I have enough left to do the back entry floor as well, but haven't decided if I will yet. There's that procrastination again. :-)  And please don't mind the cabinets, they need a makeover, too. One thing at a time, slowly but surely, I just keep working on The Finishing Touches. 

What do you think of the change? Have you used peel-n-stick before? How were your results?

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  1. It looks awesome! You would never know that was peel N stick. Well done!

    Thanks for sharing on the All Star Block Party!

  2. Thanks Meg! It was really fun to do. Seeing it transform before my eyes was great! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will come back soon!

  3. Peel n stick has come a LOOONG way! It looks amazing and totally real. I'm so impressed that you knocked it out all by yourself! Pretty sure I would've stopped right at the edges of things (like around the toilet) and just left it that way. Ha! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by Kelly! You are so right about peel-n-stick coming a LOOONG way! We are very happy with the results. As far as around the toilet, I tackled that area the next night all on its own. I was so stiff and sore it was difficult, but I was so determined to get it done, I pushed through. Talk about a workout. Up and down, up and down, up and down...ugh. But worth it! Thanks again. BTW, LOVE your blog!


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