September 5, 2012

Decorate with Branches

With a crisp in the morning air, fall is peaking its head around the corner. Look to your yard (or your neighbor's yard) for some inspiration! On the North property line of my house, there is a row of lilac bushes. I believe they belong to my neighbor, but we aren't sure. She and I have discussed cutting them down to the ground, as they have gotten out of control and haven't been maintained the way they should, then they can come back nice and full and together, we can keep them looking good. The one in the front is pretty much just dead branches. So I cut out a few to display in the house. They have such beautiful lines.

fall decor, branches

Now, considering they have been like this all summer, they look really gray. I mean, they are really dried up. After cutting them off the bush, I took some spray polycrylic to them. It gave them new life! and a bit of shimmer, too. The polycrylic soaked right in and brightened them up a more 'life-like' color and added a touch of 'sunshine' to them.

fall, decorate, branches

fall, decorate, branches

I put them in a vase and Voila! Instant fall decor on a budget! Once the dining room is completely done, you will get better pictures of these, so stay tuned!

This would work great for Halloween decorating as well. These could also be spray painted, say white, for winter decorating...hmmm...where are my pruning shears? I better grab a small bunch before the snow flies. I think I will be trying this. Oh! and you could add some glitter spray for a snowy effect! Seems the possibilities are endless!

Have you used branches in your home? If so, how? I'm sure there are lots of ways I haven't even thought of!

Have fun!

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