September 7, 2012

Tammie and Ted's Kitchen/Dining Room

Last week, a high school classmate of mine had posted a picture of her new kitchen on Facebook. And it looked great! Then, about an hour later, she posted a picture of what her kitchen looked like before it was "new". And I couldn't believe it was the same room! I emailed her to ask if I could feature her kitchen in a Weekend Inspiration post...and lucky for you (us)...she said YES!

A little background: Tammie and Ted live out East and have an adorable son, Aidan. The first time they looked at the property, Ted loved the land (38-1/2 acres), but Tammie wasn't so in love with the house (a small rambler). Tammie's first response to the house was "NO WAY can I live here". Famous last words, right? After looking for several months and unable to find a better deal, Tammie thought about how much Ted loved it out there and started to visualized what the house could look like. Tammie space plans for a living, so her mind went to work. She wanted to maximize her storage without taking away any space.

Tammie started with appliances. Here is what she said, "Most people are not aware that you can negotiate with companies to get the price down. I went to a store that guaranteed lower prices plus 10% so I walked the sales person over to their computer and we looked up every model I wanted and compared it with other store prices. There was no one store that had the lowest price so by doing it this way it not only saved me time of going to multiple stores but also it saved me the delivery cost. I saved over $2,000." Pretty smart tip, Tammie! Thanks!

She then moved on to cabinets. Knowing they plan on rebuilding within 10 years, they didn't need to have top-of-the-line cabinets, they just needed something that would get them through. They ended up going with inexpensive Chinese made cabinets. The cabinets are less expensive than low priced, big box store, in-stock cabinets and much better made.

For the flooring, Tammie and Ted went with a high grade vinyl, since it isn't as expensive as laminate. They used this in the kitchen, dining room and hallway.

Tammie and Ted worked hard to turn their house into a home, without spending a fortune, and that hard work really paid off! Take a look around before...

kitchen, dining room, remodel
Kitchen before
kitchen, dining room, remodel
Dining Room before

Now for the really fun pics...the afters!

kitchen, dining room, remodel
These cabinets look great~

kitchen, dining room, remodel

kitchen, dining room, remodel

kitchen, dining room, remodel

It is amazing what one can do with imagination, determination, and guts! Nice job, Tammie and Ted!

Tammie and Ted have also remodeled two bathrooms and an office. Come back next Friday for more Weekend Inspiration and I will show you what they did in those rooms! Don't you love this transformation? Does it give you any ideas for your home?

Have a great weekend and keep working on The Finishing Touches!

Thank you for stopping by! Please come again!

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  1. Dropping by from Debbiedoo's! Great makeover!

  2. They did a really nice job! Thanks for sharing.

    Visiting from Debbiedoo's party. Great to find your blog.

    Have a great day.

  3. That is a wow indeed! Thanks for sharing with my party. ENjoy.

  4. Visiting from Debbiedoos...very nice! :)

  5. Visiting from Debbiedoos - what a wonderful transformation. I've been thinking of sharing some endeavors from my friends because they are great cooks and very creative gals also.

    1. You should! After seeing her before pic, I couldn't pass up sharing. They did such a great job and hopefully it will inspire others. Thanks for stopping by!


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