October 15, 2012

Being Sick Has Kicked My You Know What

This being sick thing has really got me down. I have never had pneumonia before, and let me tell you, I hope I never do again. I don't recall a time in my life ever feeling quite like this. My energy level is so low. I feel like I may cough up a lung at any moment. And the meds...ugh. They make me nauseous. There are so many of them. And I think they make it difficult to sleep. Some keep me up, yet they tell me to rest and sleep. I can't. But I'm glad I am off the IV antibiotics, because going to the doctor every day isn't fun.

The real problem is, the pneumonia seems to not only have zapped my energy level, but has zapped my motivation as well. This really bugs me. I also can't seem to focus. I am not a sit-around type of person. I'm a single parent. I work two jobs. I have two busy kids. Two dogs. And I blog. I don't have time to be sick. I have watched more bad TV than any person should be aloud to. The only thing I can focus on, is how many times my doctor "threatened" to put me in the hospital. Thank goodness for my kids, my dogs, my mom, and my sister. They really keep me going and keep me focused on getting better. What would we do without those we love so dearly? Seeing the worry in my daughter's eyes was more than enough to not push myself and just take-it-easy.

And then I start to wonder. Is someone trying to tell me to slow down? Am I doing too much? Do I need to step back and take a hard, honest look at what is really important to me? That sounds a bit scary. Keeping myself busy is easier. Taking care of everyone else...easier. Taking care of myself? I just don't really do that. I am a nurturer. It's just me. I take care of others. It makes me feel complete. Yet, I don't have any trouble telling others to take care of themselves and the importance of it. So why can't I take my own advice?

I guess sometimes we get knocked down to force us into taking the blinders off and seeing what is really there. And then finding out if what is there, is really what we want. I know, I know. It's just pneumonia. There are so many people out there fighting for their lives. But what if this is my wake-up call? A warning even. That if I don't slow down and find a good, healthy balance, there could be other consequences?

Do you ever feel like life has thrown you for a loop and you aren't sure why? Do you think things like this happen to make us step back and find what is truly important? A cross-roads of sort? Have you ever experienced a set back that has left you reeling? I would love hear your take on this.

I feel a bit better just writing about it. (Thanks to Melissa at Fablifyit (FabDecor/M2M Creations) for encouraging me to write a post about being sick. You rock!)

Please take care of yourselves this cold/flu season. I would hate for any of you to feel like I do. :-)

I appreciate each and every one of you that stops by. I really do. I love this blog. That much I know.

Thank you for stopping by! Please come again!

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  1. Oh, being sick is the WORST!! Hope you're feeling better soon! (Your newest follower here :)

    1. Thanks Susan. I hope I am feeling better soon, too. :) Glad you stopped by and glad to have you following along!


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