October 29, 2012

Big Plans

Even though I am still recovering from having pneumonia, I have been making Big Plans for upcoming blog posts. Projects, projects, projects...just waiting for me to get to them. I still get really tired and haven't had the energy (or time lately it seems) to get to these projects. I'm hoping getting
them in writing will help get me back on track, so I thought I would share my plans with you.

I picked up this great oval coffee table for a whole $10.00!

I am planning on turning this into an upholstered (possibly tufted, haven't decided) ottoman with painted legs. She is solid and will make a great ottoman for the living room or any room! Don't you think she will make a lovely ottoman?

Then I found this little dresser for $30.00 (I love bargains!!).

I plan on painting this one a little differently. The easiest way to explain is to just show you some inspiration for this piece. I found my inspiration at the furniture store I work part-time at, Ashley Furniture Homestore. Take a look!

I love the turquoise on this one and the distressed look, too.

Next, I again like the distressed look and I love the numbering of the drawers.

Now this one I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! The colors, the color blocking, the black foundation. Yep, this might be my favorite piece for inspiration. I have another dresser in my bedroom that is done in an antique white, so I could use that same color for the white drawers in this one so the two pieces will coordinate, then choose two other accent colors along with the black. Now, this piece actually has 9 drawers. Mine has 4. But I can make it look like more. :-) I love a challenge almost as much as I love a bargain. Which inspiration piece do you like best?

The next bargain furniture piece ($30.00) that I brought home is a hutch type thingy. Well, it will be more of a hutch when I'm done.

She is a bit banged up, needs an additional shelf or two, new hardware, a paint job, and I don't know, legs??? We will have to see. I am excited about this one, though. She will be getting one heck of a makeover!

And lastly, a piece you have seen here before. I started on this guy and decided I really hated the color I chose for him. I thought I would use some leftover paint from when I painted the dining room walls. Cobblestone looks wonderful on the walls but not on this guy. So he is going to get a paint do-over before I go any farther with him.

I realized I am not the best at taking chances when I paint furniture and this guy is my opportunity just waiting for me! So he is going to get a deep blue coat! Can't wait to see him all decked out!

Are you like me and always making plans in your head of what you want to do next? What projects are you planning right now? Do you have any in the works? I'm always planning out The Finishing Touches. Thanks for stopping by to check out my Big Plans!

Thank you for stopping by! Please come again!

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