October 9, 2012

It's Been Quiet Over Here...and Not By Choice

Things have been really quiet here at the blog, and over at my Facebook Pagebut not by choice. I have been quite sick and unable to accomplish much of anything. I found out yesterday I now have pneumonia. I am going in again today for another round of IV antibiotics and was put on notice that I may get admitted if she isn't satisfied with my progress. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't happen. If I have to be sick, I want to be at home.

Before I got sick I had started on a couple of projects. First, my handsome little side table. Yes, he has been seen here before. He's still not fully dressed.

I started on him what seems like an eternity ago. I have him sanded, and painted. He is patiently waiting for his Finishing Touches. I, on the other hand, don't have the same amount of patience. :)

Next, I have a wreath project in the works.

I had this wreath form in the house and then came across these yummy yarn colors on clearance. I knew right away I wanted to make something with them. The wreath is partially done and I love how the colors work together. I'm looking forward to being able to show you the finished product soon!

Finally, I had this little tray shoved way up high and in the back of one of my kitchen cabinets. I have never actually used it.

It is just a cheap, clear plastic tray. Nothing fancy. But I am going to give her a whole new look! So please stick with me! I just need to get better first, so I can knock some these projects out.

Thank you so much for your understanding and support while I am getting better. I wanted to do a quick post so you know I am still here! Now, I need a nap...again. Tootles!

Thank you for stopping by! Please come again!

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