November 28, 2012

No Sew Christmas Pillow

This no sew Christmas pillow could not be easier to create. If you can put a ponytail in your hair (or someone else’s hair), you can make this pillow. It took me less than a half hour to create. Items you will need for this project are: pillow, fabric, stick pins, rubber band, and snowflake ornament.

I took some fabric I had purchased a while back for a different project, (but haven’t gotten around to that particular project), since the red ticking was perfect for Christmas.

After pressing out most of the wrinkles, I laid the fabric down with the inside facing up. Then, I placed a throw pillow that came with my sectional in the center of the fabric.

Gather up the fabric as if you are making a ponytail (it will sort of look like a tee-pee to start). You can fuss with how the gathers look now, but you will be able to fuss more after making the ponytail. 

Now, rubber band the fabric to hold the ponytail. I went around three times to be sure it would hold. This is when you can fuss with your gathers. Pull the fabric in the ponytail to be sure you have everything nice and even and gathered just the way you want.

Once you have your gathers, begin to fold the fabric tails under, forming the shape of a bun. Continue until all fabric tails are tucked under and looking even. Use the stick pins to pin the fabric down all the way around the bun.

This is what the bun should like once completely pinned.

Now, use more stick pins to pin the snowflake in the center. Just use the holes already in the snowflake to pin it in place.

And voila! You made a no sew pillow! Looks beautiful on the sage green chair!

There are many variations you could use for this project and it will work for all seasons. Your fabric and embellishment choices are easy to change and update for any time of the year. Just have fun!

Thank you for stopping by! Please come again!

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  1. Love it! Imagine you transformed that plain one into a pillow that is perfect for Christmas using cheap and easy to find materials like fabric, pins, snow flakes ornament and rubber bands. I will definitely watch out for your next project here.

    1. Thanks Ian! The idea just popped in my head. Those are the best ideas sometimes. Glad you stopped by! Come again soon!

    2. You always do have brilliant ideas coming out of your mind Laurie that's why you made these amazing things. For sure I will keep coming here to check out your new project.

    3. Beautiful! I love the ticking and the embellishment! Great finished look :)

    4. Thanks Karen! I'm glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by!


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