October 18, 2014

Roundup of Autumn Decorating

Autumn is in full swing and it's a good time to freshen up your surroundings. The colors are beautiful and the weather is the kind that makes you want to snuggle in to your favorite sweater (but you don't need a coat!). What do you think of when you think about preparing for fall? About decorating for fall?

I find it a good time to do some things around the house. You hear a lot about "spring cleaning" but what about Autumn? Soon our windows will be closed tight for winter so why not make the most of it. Get some things in order and freshen up your surroundings. If you live somewhere that gets hit hard with snow and cold, like me, you won't be out much and looking at the same old decor can be...blah.

But first things first. The weatherizing has begun at my house. The leaky back door has been de-leaked and the windows have had plastic placed on them. This can drastically cut down on your heating costs. I can feel the difference already in the house. If you wait too long to install the plastic, it may not stay put. Once the cold settles in it becomes difficult for the tape to adhere because the windows are cold. You can try heating the area with a hairdryer, but honestly, it's best to just get a jump on it now. Everything will stick better and you won't have to put up with the nasty drafts all winter long.

I still need to cover my outside spout and turn off the water to it. Better safe than sorry! Flooding my basement isn't on my to-do list this winter! It's also time to put away the patio furniture and get everything covered. Should still be nice enough around here to accomplish these tasks. Then I can enjoy some hot chocolate and Nebraska Huskers football!

After the work is done it's time to put on The Finishing Touches and spruce up the house for fall! Here is a roundup of some ideas to get your creative juices flowing and get you through Thanksgiving:

Candles - I LOVE them! and have lots of them around my house. It's so easy to take them from season to season with just some simple, seasonal changes. I have mostly white or off white candles. They are versatile and can be easily altered for each of the seasons. Adding things like corn, peas, lentils, cranberries, beads in fall colors, etc. can take your candles from summer to fall without a commitment. 

candle, fall decor, corn

candles, fall decor, peas

fall decor, peas, beans, pumpkins, candles

A Wreath (or two) - Wreaths are a great way to seasonally decorate. We use them for winter/holiday decorating so why not for Autumn, too! They can be fun and really beautiful with all the fall colors.

sunflowers wreath, fall decor, fall wreaths

fall wreaths, fall decor, apple decor

fall wreaths, feathers, wreaths

Pillows - Pick up some seasonal pillows in fall colors to spread around. Or cover your current ones in fabric just for the season, like I did here for Christmas. You can easily do this for fall as well. Adding some silk, fall flowers can transform a pillow from summer to fall in an instant. Splashes of fall colors easily transform any room. Or how about sweater pillows? Now those will take a room into fall! 

fall pillows, silk flowers, fall flowers

pillows, fall pillows, orange pillows

fall pillows, sweater pillows, pillows

Pumpkins! - Can't forget about pumpkins! It isn't fall without them. They can be used in so many ways...carved, painted, glittered. Big, small, mini. Tall, short, stout. So many options and an easy way to bring fall into your home.

pumpkins, fall mantel, fall

pumpkins, pumpkin with mums, fall

fall mantel, pumpkins

You thought I was done, didn't you? Nope. Can't forget about...

Apples and Pears!! - When people think fall decorating, pumpkins always come to mind. But apples and pears can be really beautiful.

fall centerpiece, fall fruit, fall, fruit basket

pears, pear candle, candles, fall centerpiece, fall mantel

And finally...last, but not least...

Leaves - I know, who likes leaves? But if you don't have to rake them up they aren't so bad! They can add splashes of color to any vignette. Add them to your candles, wreaths, pillows, pumpkins, apples and pears and you will be creating a warm, welcoming home with The Finishing Touches of fall.

fall leaves, fall mantel

fall wreath, leaf wreath, wreaths

outdoor fall decorating, pumpkins, leaves, house number pumpkins

Have you been inspired? What are you doing around your house to prepare for fall? Have you done any fall decorating?

For more fall ideas you can check out my Fall Decorating board on Pinterest!

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