July 29, 2015

A Life Coach

A friend/co-worker called me her life coach one day. I chuckled. But then I started thinking about it. Lots of people talk to me. And not just talk to me, but talk to me. People I know well, people I know a little, people I hardly know, even people I've just met. They tell me things. All kinds of things.

Hubs and I were out to lunch one day and he excused himself to use the restroom. In his short time away from the table, I received a full history on our waitress. When he returned and I told him what she and I chatted about, he was quite surprised how much information she had given me...and in a very short time span. (No worries, nothing too personal. I wouldn't repeat anything anyone told me in confidence.)

I guess you could say I relate to people. And I guess I have a look about me that says I'm caring and trustworthy. So people tell me things. Does this happen to you?


I love knowing I made someone laugh, helped someone out, comforted someone, or simply been the ear they needed at the time. Connecting with someone makes me feel whole. And that has brought me here...to this blog.

I don't profess to know everything, I don't have a degree in counseling, but I do listen and I do understand people. I can relate to multiple points of view and love learning from other's experiences. So if I can coach, mentor, support, encourage just one person then....well, I guess my friend/co-worker wasn't so far off when she called me her life coach. Sometimes just talking to someone can make a situation better. Listening is powerful.

I've had an interesting life. I've endured a lot. As I'm sure you have as well. I love to write and started a book, thinking that was where my writing should be put to use. But I know now that isn't where my gifts should be used. I will finish the book one day. I can't start something like that and not finish it. But I won't be a best selling author. This I know.

I had started out blogging on a different site (The Finishing Touches) which was too constricting (my fault) and wasn't broad enough to make feel like I had options. So I stopped blogging. I really miss writing though and connecting with people on this platform. I'd like to take my life experiences and share them with you. I've been on an interesting journey and if even one person out there connects with my experiences and I can help them feel like they aren't so alone, or help someone understand what a family member or friend may be going through, then all this typing is more than worth it.

This blog may be a bit ADD, but that's me! I will more than likely be scattered throughout my experiences as I write. Especially with all the changes coming up - selling a house, daughter graduating, moving to another state, buying a house, all the projects I will want to do in the new house, adjusting to a new city, empty nest syndrome, finding a new job - AHHHHH. See what I mean? It will depend on the day and my mood. Is anyone else like this??

Grab a beverage, put your feet up, if you tend to cry easily, by all means, grab a box of tissues, and please, join me on this journey...I look forward to getting to know you. If you know of anyone that may like to follow along, please invite them!

Thank you for stopping by! Please come again!

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