July 28, 2015

Finding A Home

We have been searching for a house but we aren't ready to buy yet. We have some time before the big move is scheduled to happen so we are taking this interim period to figure out what we want. So far we have narrowed down the neighborhood we want to be in and found a realtor (she's awesome!). We also figured out what layout we want and style of architecture for the home and what our must-haves and wants are. Wants we will compromise on, must-haves not so much.

When we are looking at homes online or in person I tend to image how some of our things will look in a space. I mentally move in to see I can imagine us living there. I love to watch HGTV and I wish I could pick Joanna Gaines's (@magnoliamom) brain! She is a genius! When I married my husband he came with some beautiful pieces of furniture that I can't wait to find a home for! And I bet Joanna would know just how to incorporate them! With all the HGTV watching I find that I prefer a modern look but with some shabby/rustic/antique touches. So these pieces should fit perfectly!

This chest is one of those pieces. My husband acquired it from his late grandfather. Isn't it gorgeous?!

My hope is to use this in a guest bedroom and build the room around it, trying my hand at some modern/shabby chic decor. Neutral wall color, maybe some white bedding and layering on texture in pillows, drapes, and a rug. I would love to put a chandelier in the room for soft lighting and give the option of bedside lighting as well. Accent color is to be determined but I could see aqua or soft blues and greens. Something serene. I want people to relax when they walk in the room. What do you think? I've never decorated with this style before so suggestions please!

Another cute little piece is this side table my hubby says was his late grandmother's.

Look at these legs (insert whistling here)!!

She needs a little repair and to be thoroughly cleaned but she will likely end up in that guest bedroom I was daydreaming about earlier. What a perfect pair!

Last but certainly not least, is this beautiful buffet which is my favorite!

Trust me when I say this piece is stunning. I can hardly wait to make it a show piece in the dining room. Tons of storage so it's functional, too. I could see a more modern runner going down the center with candles on top of an antique plate stand, and maybe a rustic wooden serving tray with crisp white napkins and shiny serving spoons. I could put a mirror or clock on the wall over it. The possibilities are endless and I'm just waiting to try some out! Again, your suggestions would be so much appreciated!

I know there are more treasures from my hubby's past hiding in the garage. I need to go searching one of these days. He also has the kitchen table and chairs that his mother used when he was a little boy. Another keeper!

I'm looking forward to finding a home for all of these wonderful heirlooms...and us, too.

Thank you for stopping by! Please come again!

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