August 18, 2015

I Love Blogging, But...

I love blogging. I love the process. I love writing. I love figuring out how to create the look of my blog. I love learning new techniques. I love building the blog. I love interacting with people with this platform. I love blogging.

There are so many great things about blogging and you can find a plethora of information on the internet on why people love blogging and how to create your own blog. What you don't usually find out there is how difficult, disheartening, and frustrating it can be.

I feel the need to vent about this and since I have chosen to write about whatever strikes me on this we go.

What I Don't Like About Blogging

  1. Social media and trying to build a following 
  2. Conflicting advice 
Shall we mull over each of these? Yes? Good.

Social Media and Trying to Build a Following


This one really gets me. I was so frustrated last week with my Twitter account. I was getting some new followers and then all of a numbers dropped. Now this may not bother those with hundreds or thousands of followers, but for me? I'm new, I have a limited amount of followers so when people start to "unfollow" me, I notice. And I take it to heart, which frustrates me. I am human after all.

Granted, some of those that were following and no longer are, are followers that were just looking for people to follow them back. They weren't interested in what I had to say or what I was sharing. You can tell if you have a legitimate follower. I follow a lot of other bloggers that cover similar content to me because I am interested in what they are saying and sharing. I thought that was how social media worked. Am I wrong here?

I want to interact with people who have the same interests as me. Period. But I must be behind the curve here, because I can't for the life of me figure out how the heck to get noticed on Twitter. #whoareyou


Same goes for Facebook. I swear for every "like" I've gotten on my page I have another person "unlike" my page and I can't seem to get my following beyond a certain number. What's up with that? And why does a status update on my page regarding my dog reach more people than a post from my actual blog? Like, what?


Does anyone use this? I feel like I'm a needle in a haystack on this site. I suppose I should spend more time getting to know this site and figure out how to use it better. I just feel like I can't figure out Twitter and Facebook so what chance do I have on Google+?


Umm.....I actually have nothing negative to say on this one. I actually really like Hometalk. Go Hometalk!


I am so envious of those I follow on Periscope because I am too darn chicken to actually do this. I sit behind a computer and write things for a reason. That reason is because NO ONE CAN SEE ME. Now I gotta go live and TALK to people? I mean myself? Because that is what I think it will feel like. Talking to myself.

You all look so cute and bubbly on my screen. Then there is me. Enough said. I also know so little about this site I have no idea how to get you a link to my profile. Yep, that's me!


I love Pinterest. Seriously, where else can you find how to do anything and everything you've ever thought about doing? And haven't thought about doing until you saw it on Pinterest? The best inspiration site around. Hands down. BUT...I don't understand analytics. It literally makes no sense to me. None. Nil.


You can just look at all the points I made under Twitter. All of them apply to this site. I like to be most personal on this site along with my blogging. It's what I like. It's who I am. Is this a mistake? Because it seems to be. But I digress.

Conflicting Advice

Reading blogging advice can cause your head to spin. I'm not saying you shouldn't do it. It just can be overwhelming.
  • One blogger will say don't post every day 
  • The next blogger says post every day 
  • One blogger says delete pins 
  • The next blogger says pin, pin, and then pin some more 
  • One blogger says you must have a niche 
  • The next blogger says you don't need to have a niche 
  • One blogger says to use Wordpress 
  • The next blogger says to use Blogger 
  • One blogger says to write as your true self 
  • The next blogger says write for your readers 
Are you confused yet? Mhm. There is so much conflicting advice that you can find the answer you want to get pretty easily, but it may not be the answer you truly need. I'm starting to believe that getting noticed in the blogging world only happens when the planets align and luck is on your side. Here's the real kicker, it doesn't really matter which advice you follow because every single bullet point in that list above has worked for someone. They are all right. I think it's completely up to chance at this point.

There is so much advice out there on every single subject you could possibly need advice on and I read it. A lot of it. And it seems to just be confusing and frustrating me. I think I need a reprieve.

In Conclusion

I really don't want you to get the wrong idea of how I feel about blogging. Honestly, I love it. This is my second blog. I wouldn't be back here if I didn't love it. I also don't want to discourage anyone from starting a blog. If you feel like you want to start a blog, PLEASE DO! It is wonderful.

But sometimes, you will get discouraged. You will get frustrated. It will be hard. Sometimes. Some days. Not all the time or all days, but it will not ALWAYS be great. Just find what works for you. As a newbie and someone starting over in the blogging community, I feel like I owe it to you to say this because you may be feeling like you're doing something wrong, like I do.


As my daughter said to me once, "do you, mom, do you."

Best. Advice. Ever.

And so I am.

Thanks for listening. I really needed to talk about it. You're the best.

Thank you for stopping by! Please come again!

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