August 27, 2015

Red Hot Chairs

Recently, Hubs and I were going through his stash in the garage and we came across these beauties (there are 2).

These were from his grandfather who acquired them off a cruise ship many years ago. ⚓️ They are very, very heavy because the legs have weights in them. The weights kept the chairs from sliding when the ship was rocking. One of the chairs needs a leg repaired (which we plan to do) otherwise they are in great condition. Can't wait to incorporate them into our new home!

His grandfather was such an interesting man. He worked for Conrad Hilton as his Director of PR. The amount of pictures of him with influential people is astounding. He had quite an interesting life! It's so fun to go through everything and hear the stories. There is quite a lot of history sitting in my husband's possession.

Don't you just love the stud detail?!

And the carving of the wood?

Beautiful! We (well, me at least) plan to find a home for both of these red hot chairs.

Where would you put them in your home?

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