August 28, 2015

What's Coming Up

Every time I am on social media checking out what others are doing and sharing with their followers, I am inspired. I am constantly oohing and awing over how someone gave a piece of furniture a makeover. I know some are really against painting wood pieces, but I am so darn drawn to some of these...I just can't help it! I MUST paint something! I really want to try some chalk paint. Have you tried it yet? I feel like I am behind the times because I haven't. That is about to change though.

I am very drawn to white/off white/ivory painted furniture right now and I have the perfect pieces sitting in my living room to take on such a makeover.

These two will be soon be receiving the royal treatment! I have the paint purchased and will be trying out a homemade chalk paint recipe. Wish me luck! (Watch for the post on the finished project!)

Can't you just see these is an antique white? I'm thinking bronze hardware with a white paint would be glorious!

Have you painted any furniture? Have you used chalk paint? Should I use wax or poly after painting them?

Too bad it's about bedtime...I'm ready to paint!

Thank you for stopping by! Please come again!

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