September 2, 2015

Mason Jars in the Bathroom

Hey Everyone!

This is going to be short, but sweet!

There are so many cool ways to use mason jars these days! You can find thousands of ideas all over Pinterest. And lately, I can’t seem to get enough of them!

I finally decided to quit WANTING to use mason jars and actually USE them.

I was really disliking what I had in the bathroom for storing cotton balls and cotton swabs. I should’ve taken a picture so you could see what the mason jars are replacing. I was so anxious to get rid of the old, I forgot. Oh well. Good riddance!

Mason jars to the rescue!

I'm using a larger jar for the cotton balls and a smaller one for the cotton swabs. It was a happy accident that the larger one is a “Ball” brand mason jar. How convenient!

I took the bands off so it is easier to access the items inside the jars and just used the lids. These items get used a lot so we didn't want to be unscrewing the bands all the time. However, I wanted to dress them up so I added some cute (inexpensive) knobs to the tops of the lids with super glue.


Voila! You have cute, functional, inexpensive storage for your bathroom.

You could paint the lids if you like as well. I wanted them to be very natural so I left them as is. I also really liked the writing and the little swirls on them and didn’t want to cover it up. There are many options here to really make them your own. Your imagination is the limit!

Have you used mason jars in your decorating? What do you think of this quick project?

Want more mason jar inspiration? Check out all the inspiration on the DIY Mason Jar Crafts board on Pinterest.

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