December 19, 2015

A Touch of Christmas 2015

This Christmas was different than years past. Having two homes to decorate that are 440 miles apart presented a challenge. Not to mention I have stuff for only one home. Being in the middle of a relocation I didn't want to purchase all new stuff for the new house (we did buy some new items) and have
an abundance of things to store once the move takes place.

Regardless, I thought I would share a little bit of Christmas with you today. Trying to decorate a new house for the holidays, when you haven't spent much time in it, is another challenge. Where the heck do you put everything? Year after year, you get into a routine as you get to know your home. I had to punt this year!

Let's start with the stairs...shall we?

Traditionally, I think most people decorate the handrail. This year, I decided to decorate the bottom of the rail. I really like how it turned out! Since we don't have an outlet (yet) by the stairs, I went with unlit garland, starting from the top and weaving it through the bottom of the railing. When I got to the bottom, I pulled it up to follow the line of the railing. I wasn't sure how I was going to get it to stay, but then the light bulb went off. Since the railing is black, I used electrical tape to secure the garland by it's wire to the railing. And Voila!


I added clip-on poinsettias, some made of cloth and some the sparkly ornament kind.


The railing needed a little bit more and I am a sucker for snow-people. I've had these adorable little snowmen for years and they were the perfect addition for the stairs. Each has a different colored, glittery scarf.

Here they all are welcoming visitors as they enter the townhouse.

Now for the tree!

This is one of the new items. I've never had a flocked tree before and let me just say, the pictures don't do it justice. It came pre-lit and even the lights had flocking on them. They simply shimmered! I can never have enough lights so I added an additional 200 lights to the tree to be help with any dark spots.

Here it is all ready to get dressed up for the holidays!

We actually enjoyed it like this for a day before adding any of the pretties. Here it is all decked out!

We can't leave it at that though! Let's take a look around the tree at some of my favorite decorations.

I had decided on a white and gold theme this year, but I couldn't resist accenting those colors with some red. I had these floral picks with the red spikes which provided just the pop of color the tree needed. I also had some of these in white, which added some dimension to the tree as well.

Clip-on poinsettias (smaller ones than on the stairs) in white helped fill in the tree. You can see the white floral pick I mentioned above just below the poinsettia in the picture below. The red center of the poinsettia just added a small dash of needed color to pull out the red of the floral picks.

I love dragonflies and I found these beautiful glittery, gold ones to add some flair and good luck to the tree.

Another favorite are the white sleighs. These make me happy when I look at them.

I also love the white lanterns. Both the lanterns and sleighs are covered in glittery, white snow.

Towards the bottom of the tree you can see one of the mirrored, glittery, gold drums. They reflect so much light!

The area is finished off by a "Happy Holidays" cling on the wall. I know some prefer Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, but they didn't have those in the store! I like Happy Holidays, too. It encompasses so many holidays and the entire season.

Here is a picture of the tree without the lights on. You can really see the ornaments in this one.

Isn't that red chair awesome?! I will have to do a quick blog post on it (them actually, there are two!). Very cool history!

Before I forget...did you notice the "tree skirt"? Pop over to my post "Cost Effective Alternative for a Tree Skirt" and see what I did!

Now for some extra touches around the house...

I love this snowgirl so much! I've had her for a while now and she just makes me happy. She was the perfect addition to the living room, standing guard by the patio door.


Another snowgirl adorns the hallway...Isn't she cute?! I love snowmen, but I adore snowgirls. They are harder to find so I have to get them when I find them!


I put the mirrored present ornaments up with the wine glasses. I didn't really have room for them on the tree and they added some glitz to the shelf.

My Mom had gotten me this little tree some years ago. It isn't very tall, maybe 15 inches. It came completely decorated and that is exactly how I store it, too. The person that made it, made it that way on purpose. It is one of my favorites. Needs very little fluffing when it comes out of storage. This year, it welcomed guests in the guestroom.

This year, my Mom made me this wine glass globe! It was really hard to get a good picture of it, so I apologize for the quality of the photo, but you get the idea. The top hat is silver and covered in glitter! I love it!

Years (and years) ago my Mom also made this snowman and children out of ceramics. I remember it from my childhood and now it sits proudly in our powder room. Goes perfectly with the 1977 countertops (those are getting replaced). Heck, they are probably from the same year!

Lastly, of course, our favorite Christmas "accessory". This little guy will be nine in January. My daughter got him the adorable bow tie for her birthday (yes, her birthday). He wears it well!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season...

Happy Holidays ~ Merry Christmas ~ Happy New Year!

Thank you for stopping by! Please come again!

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  1. Love the tour of your new home. I think you did a great job decorating it. Haven't seen a flocked tree in person yet but yours look great.

    1. Hello Jean! and Thank you! It was a challenge since we had only been in the home for a short time, so I appreciate you saying you like what I did. This was my first flocked tree and I was amazed at how beautiful it was. I'm really glad we went with it. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you come again! We have lots of projects planned for the new house!


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