December 17, 2015

Cost Effective Alernative for a Tree Skirt

Need a tree skirt but want to save some money?

I was in need of one to go with our new tree in the new house, but didn't want to spend what they were asking for one, especially since I couldn't find what I really wanted.

I had a certain look in mind. As I was tootling around the store, I came across some beautiful Better Homes and Gardens throw blankets and I was inspired!

They had exactly what I was looking for! It was the color I wanted, the texture I wanted, and the price was perfect! As a bonus, it's multifunctional since I can use it after the holidays to cuddle up!

Wouldn't a white faux fur throw look smashing under the Christmas tree as a skirt?! The options are endless!

The color and texture for a tree skirt in a throw blanket...

I folded the blanket in half so the fringe was all to one side...

and tucked it around the bottom of the tree...

fringe side to the front and sides.

It fits perfectly under the tree and doesn't come out too far. It's the perfect addition!

Is it okay to say I love my tree? Because I love my tree!

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