Start Here

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and taking a few to find out what this blog is all about.

I decided to take the leap and follow this constant nagging of my subconscious to start a new blog. You see, I tried this before but what I didn’t know is what a work in progress that blog would be. (That blog was called The Finishing Touches and I have since moved my posts from there the this blog. They have their own home on the navigation bar.)

The way I structured it ended up being completely wrong…for me that is. It wasn’t allowing me to just be me. To ramble. To talk about whatever. Whenever. However. It was designed to be something else. It didn’t fit. Which now brings me here. To complete, total, unabashed randomness. This blog will be different. The constraints are off (the only person I have to blame for those constraints is myself).

Before starting either blog I read how I should choose a niche…and that’s how I ended up with the constraints. I tried to make it “perfect”.  Well darn it. No one told me it couldn’t be perfect. Duh. Who was I trying to kid? Pfft. Still, with this new blog I worry about a niche. It really won’t have one.

Here’s how I am wired. I get obsessed about something – okay, maybe obsessed is too strong a word. Focused. Yea. Let’s go with focused. I get focused on something and I don’t leave it alone. For example, the other blog was a DIY kind of blog. I got super “focused” on furniture face lifts. And that’s what I did. For a while. Then, after that while I’m done. Bored. And I gotta do something else. That’s all good and well if you can DIY your way out of a room. But I discovered I am not necessarily a DIYer. I’m more of a sprucer. So I painted myself into a corner (bah! painted).

The problem came in when I became focused on something else. Something not DIY. I realized I like to write. I like to do little projects. I like to occasionally bake. And eat. And read. And watch movies or HGTV. So I’m creating a new niche. My niche. My ADD brain kind of niche. And I really hope you’ll follow along.

I have a couple of college age kiddos (my son and step-daughter) and one kiddo in her final year of high school. I just got married on January 1, 2015 so I am a newlywed. I am house hunting for my forever home with the hubs. I have a four legged family member that is S P O I L E D. But that is just the way we like him, I currently live in a different state than the hubs, so I will be relocating, which includes a job hunt, selling my house, and leaving the place I have called “home” for the past 12 years. I will soon have an empty nest, but a new one. I recently had surgery which followed a cancer scare.

You see, my life is crazy. My brain is focusing on many different things all at once. So that is what this blog will focus on. It will focus on whatever crazy (or not so crazy) thing is happening right now. Welcome to my trail of randomness. I am so glad you are coming along for the ride!